Sicily is made of a thousand faces, a thousand souls and thousands of views, history and splendor, that seduces, fascinates and surprises. Everywhere sovereign warm light, the wind that comes from Africa and painted the sky indigo and the weather that brings the spring in February and concludes the summer in December.
Land of beauty, memory, humanity blessed by nature and by the gods, with its beautiful islands and mountains, with squares, streets filled with solemn sounds and colors that speak a melodious dialect.
Sicily is female: TRINAKRIA whose symbol is the head of a woman where goddesses triumphed. Land of wonders, the bridge between West and East, defined by Omero in the Odissea “the land of the three promontories”; crossroads of cultures where history and myth intertwine and where lurk spirits of Omero, Ulysses, Zeus, the Trojans survived the war and arrived to rule Sicily to which were added the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, Arabs – who made it a land fertile, commercial hub of the Mediterranean – Normans and Spaniards.
From this crucible of men, cultures, languages ​​and character of age-old ethnic groups, were born Sicilians, historically known as “Sicani”, a proud generous and hospitable people.
Surrounded by three seas and kilometers of coastline, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean where summers living in crowded places such as seductive Taormina, Cefalu’, Siracusa, Ragusa, historical paths unique to the world as Agrigento, Palermo, Catania and winters in which are rediscovering the charm and the splendor of the snow of the highest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna.