Pistachio Festival

Every year, the city opens up to tourists to promote the delicious green fruit that grows on lava soil, the pistachio, recognized PDO since 2009.
The traditional festival of the pistachio is a gastronomic event that doesn’t have equals. It is hold between the months of September and October following the traditional harvest of the product which, even today, is made manually with the techniques of the past, within the craggy and jagged lava of Etna.
During the event it is possible to find stands where you can taste the harvest fruit, with a wide variety of local products. The aromatic flavor it’s the reason why the pistachio is an excellent ingredient for pastries prepared in delicious and extremely ways: nougats, soft mousse, cream cakes, ice cream, granita, cakes, pastries pistachio and “fillette”, a typical sweet of the place.

But pistachio is used not only for sweets. While in fact the reputation of penne with pistachio is known for his delicacy,on the other hand, the fruit is used as sauce for first course, for second course, for fried arancini with pistachio, for the preparation of sausages and meat. In addition, during the event free tours are available for visit the old town of Bronte, and for exhibitions of contemporary art.