Panoramic Restaurant

“Eating is an act of love towards nature, others and ourselves, essential salt for a full life”

The nearby stretch of water, modern dancing fountains, the windows overlooking the surrounding nature, the highest volcano in Europe; the panoramic restaurant borns in this breathtaking setting.
Oasis of peace on the lush garden, surrounded by a modern and elegant hotel, where nature is translated with religious respect in preparations which shows always the essence of Sicily.
The authenticity of the ingredients, the original shape and the strength of the coloring absorbed the sun’s south intrigue from the first bite a clean palate and an unexpected lightness. Here, the Sicilian tradition and its creative genius is perceptible on the menu, that follows the rhythms of the seasons.
But it does not miss the opportunity to rely on the staff; leaving lead by the chef on the tasting, guests savor with each course the spirit of the volcano, the mineral soil, the full-bodied wine in flat art, expertly balanced.

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